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Excel Data Aware Export

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Category Name Ascending
Product Name 
Quantity Per Unit 
Unit Price 
Units In Stock 
CollapseCategory Name: Beverages
 Chai10 boxes x 20 bags$18.0039$702.00
 Chang24 - 12 oz bottles$19.0017$323.00
 Guaraná Fantástica12 - 355 ml cans$4.5020$90.00
 Sasquatch Ale24 - 12 oz bottles$14.00111$1,554.00
 Steeleye Stout24 - 12 oz bottles$18.0020$360.00
 Côte de Blaye12 - 75 cl bottles$263.5017$4,479.50
 Chartreuse verte750 cc per bottle$18.0069$1,242.00
 Ipoh Coffee16 - 500 g tins$46.0017$782.00
 Laughing Lumberjack Lager24 - 12 oz bottles$14.0052$728.00
 Outback Lager24 - 355 ml bottles$15.0015$225.00
 Rhönbräu Klosterbier24 - 0.5 l bottles$7.75125$968.75
 Lakkalikööri500 ml$18.0057$1,026.00
  Count=12   Sum=$12,480.25
ExpandCategory Name: Condiments
  Count=12   Sum=$12,023.55
ExpandCategory Name: Confections
  Count=13   Sum=$10,392.20
  Count=77   Sum=$74,050.85
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The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC GridView extension can export data in both XLS and XLSX formats. The DevExpress Excel Export Engine maintains data grouping layout and automatically transforms summary items to corresponding Excel functions.

The Export row type combo box controls the ExportedRowType property value, and specifies whether all rows displayed within the GridView are exported (or only selected rows).