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Date Range Header Filter

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Timothy ParkerJimmy LewisDobson Institute for Rehabilitation1/5/2022
Ethan WardPaul BaileyOrlando Clinic2/18/2021
Gabriel BennettSteve LeeOrlando Clinic10/9/2021
Richard PhillipsCarl LucasFlorida General Hospital3/14/2022
Steven ThomasDave MurrelDobson Institute for Rehabilitation3/30/2021
Luis TorresSteve LeeDobson Institute for Rehabilitation2/3/2021
Angel JenkinsBert ParkinsOrlando Clinic10/18/2021
Christopher ColemanPeter DolanDobson Institute for Rehabilitation2/16/2021
Austin WoodMike RollerSt. Mary Hospital12/11/2020
Noah MartinRichard FisherRedmond Medical Center10/22/2020
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The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC GridView provides a powerful data filtering mechanism allowing end-users to filter dates.

A date column's dropdown header filter displays a date editor (date range picker or calendar) and a list of predefined date periods. End-users can filter the records stored in the underlying dataset by selecting the values displayed within the dropdown.

Header filter dropdown buttons are disabled by default. You can display filter buttons either for for all columns (by enabling the grid's Settings.ShowHeaderFilterButton property) or for individual columns (by enabling a column's AllowHeaderFilter property).

To specify a date editor that is displayed in the dropdown, set the column's SettingsHeaderFilter.Mode property to one of the following values.