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Focused Row

Drag a column header here to group by that column
First Name 
Last Name 
Birth Date 
Hire Date 
NancyDavolio12/8/1970Sales Representative5/1/2014
AndrewFuller2/19/1974Vice President, Sales8/14/2014
JanetLeverling8/30/1985Sales Representative4/1/2014
MargaretPeacock9/19/1959Sales Representative5/3/2015
StevenBuchanan3/4/1977Sales Manager10/17/2015
MichaelSuyama7/2/1985Sales Representative10/17/2015
RobertKing5/29/1982Sales Representative1/2/2016
LauraCallahan1/9/1980Inside Sales Coordinator3/5/2016
AnneDodsworth1/27/1988Sales Representative11/15/2016

This demo dynamically displays detailed information for the selected row outside the MVC Grid View. The FocusedRowChanged client event is handled via the OnGridFocusedRowChanged() JavaScript function. This function queries the server by using the Grid View's GetRowValues client method, to return the current employee's ID and Notes. The returned array is passed to the OnGetRowValues() JavaScript function, that assigns the obtained values to corresponding controls (DevExpress Image and Memo Editors).

To enable the capabilities of Focused Row, set the SettingsBehavior.AllowFocusedRow property to true. Appearance of the Focused Row can be specified using the Styles.FocusedRow property.

End-users can move row focus by clicking the desired row. To respond to a change in row selection, handle the FocusedRowChanged client event. To identify the currently focused row, use the GetFocusedRowIndex client method.

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