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The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Grid View extension provides the ability to modify a batch of grid data on the client side and send it to the server in one request.

To enable the batch editing functionality set the SettingsEditing.Mode property to Batch. In this mode the grid data contained in a page can be edited using in-line editors. The modified cells are colored in green. Deleted rows are highlighted with gray and display the 'Recover' command item. To hide the deleted rows from the view, set the SettingsEditing.BatchEditSettings.HighlightDeletedRows property to false. All changes are maintained on the client side until the 'Save changes' link is clicked. You can cancel all changes by clicking the 'Cancel changes' link.

If a grid contains modified data, it displays a confirm message before a grid callback is performed.

In this demo use the Edit type combo box to specify the control element used to edit the data: cell or row. The 'Start Edit Action' combo box allows you to specify the action (click, double click, or focused cell click) that should be used to begin editing grid data.

The GridView validates user-input on the client-side based on the data annotation attributes of your Model. This approach is also called unobtrusive client validation. To enable the unobtrusive validation, the partial View with the GridView extension is placed inside the HTML <form> element (rendered via the Html.BeginForm helper). The Partial View with the GridView extension contains two helpers that enable the unobtrusive client validation: Html.EnableClientValidation and Html.EnableUnobtrusiveJavaScript. An error is displayed next to the individual data editors.

Version: v2017 vol 1.7
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