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Merging Groups

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CollapseCountry: Argentina; City: Buenos Aires
 Cactus Comidas para llevarPatricio Simpson
 Océano Atlántico Ltda.Yvonne Moncada
 Rancho grandeSergio Gutiérrez
CollapseCountry: Austria; City: Graz
 Ernst HandelRoland Mendel
CollapseCountry: Austria; City: Salzburg
 Piccolo und mehrGeorg Pipps
CollapseCountry: Belgium; City: Bruxelles
 Maison DeweyCatherine Dewey
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This demo illustrates how to merge grouped columns in the MVCxGridView. In this mode, a user can group grid data by multiple columns at once and combine them into a single grouping level. Drag a column header to the group panel and merge it into an existing group level. Rearrange those merged column headers to reorganize and reorder the grid data. To remove a column from the merged groups, drag it back to the column area of the grid.

Set the MergeGroupsMode property to Always to enable merged grouping.