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MSFT37.950.00 %37.9536.0605:28:10
INTC24.850.00 %25.8024.8505:28:10
CSCO22.990.00 %22.9922.6405:28:10
SIRI3.710.00 %3.753.6905:28:10
AAPL586.730.00 %586.73540.4205:28:10
HOKU0.000.00 %0.000.0005:28:10
ORCL38.110.00 %38.5237.8005:28:10
AMAT18.907.34 %18.9017.4705:28:10
YHOO43.185.84 %43.1838.8605:28:10
LVLT31.850.00 %34.2531.8505:28:10
DELL20.630.00 %26.6414.3805:28:10
GOOG1163.700.00 %1164.001151.3005:28:10
Note: The quote values are generated for the demonstration purpose only.

This demo illustrates how the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Grid View can be bound to a Model passed to a View from the Controller. The Bind method is used to bind the ASP.NET MVC Grid View to the Model. As a Model for this demo, we use a message list retrieved from our twitter page.

The CustomColumnDisplayText method's delegate is used to change the text within the text column cells. The SetStatusBarTemplateContent method is utilized to create a template for the grid's status bar and to display a refresh message within it.