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Ship Name Ascending
Ship City 
Ship Postal Code 
Ship Country 
Order Date 
Shipped Date 
ExpandShip Name: Alfreds Futterkiste
CollapseShip Name: Alfred's Futterkiste
ExpandShip Name: Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados
ExpandShip Name: Antonio Moreno Taquería
ExpandShip Name: Around the Horn
ExpandShip Name: Berglunds snabbköp
ExpandShip Name: Blauer See Delikatessen
ExpandShip Name: Blondel père et fils
ExpandShip Name: Bólido Comidas preparadas
ExpandShip Name: Bon app'
ExpandShip Name: Bottom-Dollar Markets
ExpandShip Name: B's Beverages
ExpandShip Name: Cactus Comidas para llevar
ExpandShip Name: Centro comercial Moctezuma
ExpandShip Name: Chop-suey Chinese

The MVC GridView extension supports an endless paging mode that allows for the loading of grid rows on demand. To enable this functionality, set the SettingsPager.Mode property to EndlessPaging, and the Settings.VerticalScrollBarMode property to Visible or Auto. In this mode, the grid loads more rows automatically when the end-user scrolls down to the bottom of extension content.

The loading panel is displayed while data is loading.

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