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SEO Friendly Paging

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Paul HenriotVins et alcools ChevalierReims France
Paula ParenteWellington ImportadoraResendeSPBrazil
Paula WilsonRattlesnake Canyon GroceryAlbuquerqueNMUSA
Pedro AfonsoComércio MineiroSao PauloSPBrazil
Peter FrankenFrankenversandMünchen Germany
Philip CramerKöniglich EssenBrandenburg Germany
Pirkko KoskitaloWartian HerkkuOulu Finland
Renate MessnerLehmanns MarktstandFrankfurt a.M. Germany
Rene PhillipsOld World DelicatessenAnchorageAKUSA
Rita MüllerDie Wandernde KuhStuttgart Germany
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A known issue with grid controls is that search engines simply ignore pagers. When indexing a site, they only use the information contained in the first page. The reason for this is that the pager's links are usually not represented as hyperlinks to other pages. Instead, they respond to click events to raise data update callbacks. The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) allows you to create an SEO-friendly pager using the SettingsPager.SEOFriendly property.

If this property is set to CrawlerOnly, the ASPxGridView renders hyperlinks in the pager when a web-crawler is detected. For other visitors, standard pager links are generated. Thus, search engines can index the entire content of the grid, and site visitors experience the same paging functionality.

If the property is set to Enabled or Disabled, automatic web crawler detection is disabled. The pager renders either SEO-friendly or standard links, respectively.

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