Criteria Properties

You can specify how a string property that stores filter criteria will be displayed:
- via a special Filter Builder;
- via an editor that allows you to specify a criterion manually, and via the Filter Builder located in the invoked popup window.
The Filter Builder provides you with the following capabilities:
- the use of predefined XAF parameters in criteria;
- the use of reference properties in criteria;
- the use of complex path properties in criteria.
Name AscendingNot filtered
Data Type Not filtered
Criteria Not filtered
Criteria With Nested Properties Not filtered
Criteria In Popup Window Not filtered
EditNewEditObject 1Criteria Object
[Enum Property] Equals 'High' And [Owner] Equals 'Owner Object 1'
[Enum Property] Equals 'High' And [Owner.Name] Equals 'Owner Object 1' And [Collection][Begins with([Name], 'A')].Count() Equals 4
[Enum Property] Equals 'Low' And Begins with([Owner.Name], 'K')
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