Validation Message Templates

You can specify custom validation message templates that are displayed in the Validation Error window:
- RuleCriteria checks the Date and Price properties of the referenced DateAndPrice object, and demonstrates how to use read-only parameters and formatted current values of complex path properties (e.g. DateAndPrice.Date.DayOfWeek) in the message;
- RuleStringComparison checks the ContainsAbc and GreaterThanZero properties, and demonstrates how to use reserved parameters and rule-specific property values in the message;
- RuleFromBoolProperty checks the IsFullStringValid property, and demonstrates how to use the current values of the validated object's properties in the message.
All these rules are checked when saving an object.
Name AscendingNot filtered
Contains Abc Not filtered
Greater Than Zero Not filtered
Left Part Not filtered
Full String Not filtered
Middle Part Not filtered
Is Full String Valid Not filtered
Right Part Not filtered
Date Not filtered
Price Not filtered
EditInvalid ValidationTemplatesObjectXyz0Developer Wrong FullString textExpress Inc.Saturday, January 5, 2008($150.00)
EditValid ValidationTemplatesObjectXyzAbcXyz15Developer Developer Express Inc.Express Inc.Wednesday, June 26, 2024$100.00
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