Miscellaneous Validation Features

The Validation system provides various useful capabilities:
- A rule can be checked in a custom context. Here, executing the "Validate In Custom Context" Action invokes validation of the rules that are designed to be checked in the custom "IsAllowedToExecuteAction" context.
- In a validation error message, the name of the validated property is taken from the Application Model, instead of using the actual property name. This allows you to write user-friendly validation error messages. In addition, localized messages may contain a localized name of the validated property.
- The header of the validation messages can be localized.
To check the predefined rules, do the following:
- Use the "Validate" Action to validate an object in all available contexts.
- Use the "Save" Action to validate an object in the "Save" context.
- Use the "Validate In Custom Context" Action to validate an object in the custom "IsAllowedToExecuteAction" context.
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