Grid List Editor Demo Object

ASPxGridListEditor and GridListEditor can easily work with large amounts of data in Server Mode. It is enabled for this View via the Application Model's DataAccessMode attribute of the Application | Views | ListView node.
To see Server Mode in action, configure the Windows Forms and ASP.NET FeatureCenter applications to use the same database. Start the Windows Forms FeatureCenter application and execute the 'Create Demo Objects' Action. This will create 20000 demo objects in the database. After that, you can observe the performance while working with these objects in both the Windows Forms and ASP.NET FeatureCenter applications.
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Name AscendingNot filtered
Integer Property Not filtered
Boolean Property Not filtered
Enum Property Not filtered
EditObject 112First
EditObject 245Second
EditObject 3100Third
EditObject 4156First
EditObject 5437Second
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