String Properties

Depending on the attributes applied to a string property and the accompanying settings specified in the Application Model, a string property is displayed differently:
- string properties with a fixed length (e.g. 100 or 15 characters) are displayed via a text editor;
- large string properties (see UnlimitedSizeStringProperty) are displayed via a memo editor. By default, such properties aren't displayed in List Views;
- string properties declared with the StringCompressionConverter attribute (see CompressedUnlimitedStringProperty) are stored in the database in a compressed form;
- if predefined values are specified in the Application Model, string properties are displayed via a combobox editor
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Default Size String Property Not filtered
Short Size String Property Not filtered
Unlimited Size String Property Not filtered
String With Predefined Values Property Not filtered
EditNewEditObject 1Default Size Property123456789012345Unlimited Size Property, Line 1
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String Property with Predefined Values
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