Data Access Mode Demo Object

In List Views, you can easily work with large amount of data using the Server, Data View or Instant Feedback mode instead of the default Client mode. The mode can be selected via the Application Model's DataAccessMode property of the Application | Views | ListView node.

- Client mode: the entire record set required for the current List View is loaded into memory. All the data processing takes place on the client side.
- DataView mode: a lightweight read-only list of data records is retrieved without loading complete persistent objects.
- Server mode: data is requested from a data store in small portions that should currently be displayed. All data-aware operations are performed on the data server side.
- Instant Feedback mode: in WinForms applications, use this mode to load data asynchronously. This mode is similar to the Server one, but the grid control doesn't freeze and continues responding to a user's actions while data is being retrieved by the data source in a background thread. This mode is not available in ASP.NET applications.

Configure the WinForms and ASP.NET FeatureCenter applications to use the same database. Start the WindForms FeatureCenter application and execute the 'Create Demo Objects' Action (which is unavailable in the ASP.NET demo). This will create 20000 demo objects in the database. After that, you can observe performance while working with these objects in various modes in both WinForms and ASP.NET applications. To switch the mode, use the 'Select DataAccessMode' Action.
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