Soft Validation

By default, validation rules are strict, i.e. a user should correct validation errors in order to proceed saving (or executing other actions in the current validation context). However, you can implement soft validation rules that can be ignored by uses. Here, the following rules are demonstrated:
- A validation error dialog that cannot be ignored is displayed when saving an object with the IsError property set to true;
- A validation warning dialog that can be ignored is displayed when saving an object with the IsWarning property set to true;
- The 'info' icon is displayed near the property editor when saving an object with the IsInformation property set to true. The icon’s tooltip displays the validation information.
To check these rules, save the current object.
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Is Information Not filtered
Is Warning Not filtered
Is Error Not filtered
EditRule with validation error
EditRule with validation error and warning
EditRule with validation information
EditRule with validation warning
EditRule with validation warning and information
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