Compare Value to Another

The RuleValueComparison attribute demands that a particular IComparable property satisfies a specific expression. Here, this rule is illustrated using the following six operators:
> (the GreaterThanZero and Collection properties);
= (the Equals100 and Collection properties);
>= (the NotLessThanOne property);
!= (the NotEquals1000 property);
< (the BeforeFebruary2008 property);
<= (the NotMoreThan10 property).
The BeforeToday property demonstrates use of the built-in XPO LocalDateTimeToday function as an operand value.
To check this rule, save the current object.
Name AscendingNot filtered
Greater Than Zero Not filtered
Equals 100 Not filtered
Not Less Than One Not filtered
Not Equals 1000 Not filtered
Before February 2008 Not filtered
Not More Than 10 Not filtered
Before Today Not filtered
EditInvalid RuleValueComparisonObject-1050001,0002/20/2008114/21/2024
EditValid RuleValueComparisonObject101001012/31/2007-54/20/2024
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