Domain Logic For Properties

Domain components can have associated specific classes called domain logic. These classes' methods provide implementation for members declared in a domain component.
Here, a domain logic for properties is implemented:
- The Price property value is saved before it is changed;
- PreviousPrice property is set to the saved value and this information is saved to Log, after the Price property has changed;
- The Delta property is calculated in its getter;
- The Reviews collection is filtered by the product name specified by the Name property.
Click the 'C# Code' tab to see the corresponding source code. To see a complete list of possible domain logic methods refer to the product documentation.
Previous Price:
Price Change Log:
Text AscendingNot filtered
Product Name Not filtered
EditAt this price it is a steal.NaviTron
EditGreat product! Will buy again.NaviTron
EditNice features. Solid build.NaviTron
EditSupport is second to no one. I recommend this to all my friends.NaviTron
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