Test Value as String

The RuleStringComparison attribute demands that a particular string property satisfies a specific expression. Here, this rule is illustrated using the following five operators:
- StartsWith (the StartsWithAbc property);
- EndsWith (the EndsWithXyz property);
- Contains (the ContainsXXX property);
- Equals (the EqualsValid property);
- NotEquals (the DoesNotEqualInvalid property).
To check this rule, save the current object.
Name AscendingNot filtered
Starts With Abc Not filtered
Ends With Xyz Not filtered
Contains XXX Not filtered
Equals Valid Not filtered
Does Not Equal Invalid Not filtered
EditInvalid RuleStringComparisonObjectXyz AbcXyz AbcABCSome textInvalid
EditValid RuleStringComparisonObjectAbc XyzAbc XyzAxxxBCValidInvalid or not?
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