Simple Validation Settings

Simple rule settings can be easily specified:
- RuleRange, applied to the NotFromZeroToTen property. This rule is inverted. It's broken when the property's value is outside the (0,10) interval. For this purpose, InvertResult is set to true.
- RuleStringComparison, applied to the DoesNotContainABC property. This rule is inverted to be broken when the property value doesn't contain "ABC". For this purpose, InvertResult, IgnoreCase and SkipNullOrEmptyValues are set to true.
- RuleRequiredField, applied to the RequiredField property. This rule is checked if only the following complex criteria is satisfied by the object: "DoesNotContainABC like '%XYZ%' AND NotFromZeroToTen > 5". This criteria is set for TargetCriteria.
All these rules are checked when saving an object.
Name AscendingNot filtered
Not From Zero To Ten Not filtered
Does Not Contain ABC Not filtered
Required Field Not filtered
EditInvalid SimpleValidationSettingsObject7xyAbCXYZ 
EditValid SimpleValidationSettingsObject-1 Non-empty string
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