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Client-Side Functionality

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This example demonstrates how to manipulate an ASPxFormLayout control programmatically on the client using our extended client-side functionality.

In this demo, layout items of the ASPxFormLayout control are identified using their Name property. In order to obtain a specific layout item by its name on the client side, the GetItemByName method is used (see JS code). A specified layout item’s visibility can be changed on the client with the help of the SetVisible method by passing the required boolean value to this method. An item's caption can be changed on the client side by using the SetCaption method.

In this demo, when an end-user selects any of the radio button list items ("I am a new user" or "I am a registered user"), the UpdateItemsVisibility function is called. This function defines the visibility of all of the layout items depending on the selected value within the radio button list.