Navigation and Layout - Splitter Content URL

ASPxSplitter can be used as a website navigation control. Splitter panes allow you to display any external web page specified by its URL. Use a pane's ContentUrl property to load the specified web page and display it within the pane.

In this demo, the left splitter pane contains ASPxNavBar with three items whose NavigateUrl properties refer to different web pages. The right splitter pane's ContentUrlIFrameName property is set to a specific name and this name is assigned to the ASPxNavBar's Target property. As a result, a click on a navbar item automatically displays the corresponding page within the right splitter pane because the item's NavigateUrl property value transfers to the pane's ContentUrl property. In addition, the ShowCollapseBackwardButton property is enabled for the left pane that allows end-users to hide it and expand the loaded page on the entire available space.

Version: v2017 vol 1.7
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