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This demo illustrates the ASPxMenu's support for scrolling items within submenus.

By default, dropdown submenus are automatically rendered to accommodate their entire content. In this case, lengthy submenus (containing a large number of items) might not be displayed entirely within the browser window. They might go beyond the bounds of the browser window, if their heights exceed the browser window's height (or the height of an IFRAME containing the menu).

To accommodate submenus within the window boundaries, you can enable the menu's EnableSubMenuScrolling property or the MenuItem.EnableScrolling property of an individual menu item. In this case, if a submenu's content height exceeds the browser window height, the submenu displays scroll buttons, allowing its items to be scrolled vertically. You can define custom images for these scroll buttons by using the ScrollDownButtonImage and ScrollUpButtonImage properties. The visual style of the scroll buttons can be customized, via the ScrollButtonStyle property.

In this demo, a web page containing the ASPxMenu is loaded into an IFRAME element. This simulates the window bounds for the menu's dropdown submenus.