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This demo shows the main features available to you when using the ASPxTitleIndex control.

If the Categorized property is set to true, each group changes to a category containing items which are displayed and organized into columns.

The ShowBackToTop property specifies whether a specific link is displayed after each group or category. This link can be used to quickly scroll to the top of the ASPxTitleIndex control.

The IndexPanel.Behavior property controls how the ASPxTitleIndex control responds to clicks on items displayed within the control's IndexPanel. If the IndexPanel.Behavior property is set to Navigation, a click on an item (letter) will scroll the page to navigate to the corresponding group or category. Setting the IndexPanel.Behavior property to Filtering, forces the control to display only the group (category) that corresponds to the selected item (letter). This behavior is implemented through server-side processing, so it requires postbacks (or callbacks) to be sent to the server. Note that by default the ASPxTitleIndex control's EnableCallbacks property is set to true, thus allowing required data items to be retrieved from the server via AJAX-based callback technology (without refreshing the entire page).

The position of the IndexPanel within the ASPxTitleIndex control can be specified via the IndexPanel.Position property.

The ColumnCount property can be used to control the number of columns in which the ASPxTitleIndex control's data are organized for display purposes. This property specifies the total number of columns contained within the ASPxTitleIndex control's Columns collection.