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Server-Side Functionality

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Trace Events:

This sample demonstrates a few of the server-side capabilities of the ASPxTreeView control. Click a node or select the desired item from the dropdown editor, and define the settings of the corresponding node by clicking the appropriate check box(es).

The following server properties can be toggled in this demo:

  • Enabled. This property controls a node's availability to end-user interaction.
  • Visible. This property controls a node's visibility.
  • SelectedNode. The ASPxTreeView control supports single node selection. The selected node can be specified using this property.
  • Checked. This property specifies a node's checked state.
  • Expanded. This property specifies a node's expansion state.

Click or expand/collapse a node within the ASPxTreeView to initiate server-side events. In this example the NodeClick, the ExpandedChanging, the ExpandedChanged, and the CheckedChange events are handled, to display information about the raised event in the Event monitor.