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Icons 16x16:
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Icons 32x32:
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This demo illustrates how the DevExpress ASP.NET Menu (ASPxMenu) control can be used to implement a toolbar look and feel. For this purpose, the ShowAsToolbar property is set to true to reduce the space between menu items, so that the menu looks like a toolbar.

In this demo, ASPxMenu control items are declared explicitly within the control markup. Each item is represented by an image only. All images within the toolbar have a fixed size (16 by 16 for the first toolbar, and 32 by 32 for the second one). Item appearance and behavior are controlled by the following properties.

  • Image.IconID – specifies an identifier of the current item image icon in a DevExpress icon collection.
  • GroupName – specifies a logical check group to which the menu item belongs.
  • Checked – specifies the menu item's check state (checked or unchecked).
  • BeginGroup – specifies whether a specific separator should appear before the current menu item, to separate it from other menu items.


Although you can use the menu to emulate a toolbar, the DevExpress ASPxRibbon control provides rich toolbar functionality out-of-the-box.