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Item Link Mode


Specific service scripts are used to apply the hovered and selected styles to menu items and generate ItemClick events.


The hovered and selected styles are applied without using scripts. Style settings available via the LinkStyle property are used to define link appearance.

This demo shows which factors affect the appearance and functionality of clickable menu items and the style of links represented by menu items.

The ItemLinkMode property can be used to specify how menu items are represented as links within the menu control. By default, this property is set to ContentBounds, which makes the menu entirely interactive. If you need to display a simple menu (such as a set of single level links), you can set the ItemLinkMode property to TextOnly. In this instance, the resulting HTML code generated to represent the menu control on the page will be minimal. In order to control the appearance of links, the LinkStyle property can be used.

In this demo, two ASPxMenu controls are used with different settings for their ItemLinkMode property. The first menu's ItemLinkMode property is set to ContentBounds thus allowing the entire area of each menu item to be clickable. The ItemLinkMode property of the second menu is set to TextOnly.