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Server-Side Functionality

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Trace Events:

This sample demonstrates a few of the server-side capabilities of the menu control. Select the desired item from the dropdown editor and define the visual settings of the corresponding menu item by clicking the appropriate button(s). Click any menu item to initiate the server-side ItemClick event which can be traced in the Events monitor.

Each menu item has server-side properties which allow you to manipulate the item's state and so change the visualization of the entire menu control. The Enabled property allows you to enable or disable any menu item. By using the Visible property, you can show or hide menu items, and the Selected property provides you with the ability to change an item's selected state.

The server-side ItemClick event used in this demo allows you to perform any custom action your business needs require on the server in response to a click on a menu item. In this example the ItemClick event is handled to synchronize the dropdown editor's value with the clicked item and to display information about the event in the Event monitor.