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The ASPxTitleIndex control provides you with client-side filtering capabilities.

The filtering functionality found within the ASPxTitleIndex is implemented using a Filter Box element whose visibility is controlled by the FilterBox.Visible property. The horizontal and vertical positions of the Filter Box within the ASPxTitleIndex control are specified by the FilterBox.HorizontalPosition and FilterBox.VerticalPosition properties.

The Filter Box contains an editor that allows the desired filter string to be entered, and a label that displays specific explanatory information regarding the available wildcard symbols. Filtering is executed dynamically on the client side once text is changed within the Filter Box editor (incremental filtering). The FilterBox.Delay property can be used to specify a delay (in milliseconds) in filter execution. Information related to wildcard symbols can be modified by using the FilterBox.InfoText property.

You can use the SoftFiltering property set to true to provide end-users with a capability to automatically find all occurrences of the entered string without typing any wildcard symbols.

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