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Keyboard Support

To show key tips, press F10 or button:
Show key tips

The DevExpress ASP.NET Ribbon (ASPxRibbon) control provides end-users with the capability to navigate through ribbon items using the keyboard. To enable this behavior, set the KeyboardSupport property to true. The KeyTipModeShortcut property allows you to specify a keyboard shortcut, which when pressed will show tab key tips. The key tips can also be displayed by calling the client-side ShowKeyTips method.

The ribbon control automatically generates access keys for tabs, groups, and items. However, you can specify the required access key manually by using the following properties.

You can disable the access key auto generation by setting the AutoGenerateAccessKeys property to false. However, in this case, you should specify access key for every element manually.

Note that an access key is in effect provided that the corresponding key tip is currently displayed.