File Manager - Overview

The DevExpress Bootstrap File Manager control provides an intuitive user interface designed to manage files and folders similarly to Microsoft File Explorer. It's features include:

  • the capability to rename, copy, move and delete folders and files;
  • support for different sources of file system data (physical, data source, cloud storage);
  • the capability to download and upload files;
  • built-in access control with support for security roles.

Various aspects of the File Manager control's functionality are customizable using the following properties:

  • Settings - Provides access to the File Manager's main settings.
  • SettingsEditing - Provides access to the File Manager's editing settings.
  • SettingsUpload - Provides access to the upload panel's settings.
  • SettingsPermissions - Provides access to settings that relate to the File Manager's permissions.
  • SettingsToolbar - Provides access to the visibility of toolbar items.

The File Manager's extensive server-side and client-side APIs cover most popular customization scenarios and give you full control over the control's behavior and presentation.

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