Mail Merging

The mail merge functionality provided by the Bootstrap Rich Text Editor enables you to bind the control to an external data source and then preview dynamic content right in the opened template document, prior to performing the final mail merge. This feature can be useful for a variety of business requirements, such as composing, previewing and generating catalogs, reports, or personalized letters.

To specify a data source, the DataSourceID (or DataSource) property can be used.

The Rich Text Editor also provides a specific API allowing you to control mail merge operations programmatically.

  • The ViewMergedData property specifies whether to display field results or field codes in a mail-merge document.
  • The MailMerge method (with a set of overloads) initializes the mail merge process and generates the resulting document containing the merged information.

The CreateMailMergeOptions method creates an object for specifying the options used in mail merge operations.

<dx:BootstrapRichEdit runat="server" ShowConfirmOnLosingChanges="false" Height="500px"
    DataSourceID="DataSourceMailMerging" ActiveTabIndex="5" ViewMergedData="true" ViewStateMode="Enabled">
<ef:EntityDataSource runat="server" ID="DataSourceMailMerging" ContextTypeName="DevExpress.Web.Demos.NorthwindContextSL" EntitySetName="Employees" />
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