Charts are used in spreadsheets to make it easier to understand large quantities of data by visualizing the relationship between different data series.

The Bootstrap Spreadsheet allows you to easily insert a professional-looking chart that displays the details you require. A comprehensive set of 2D and 3D charts is provided to address a broad range of business needs with ease.

To create a chart, select a series of data within a worksheet and click on the required chart type within the user interface Insert tab.

The data can be arranged in rows or columns - the Spreadsheet automatically determines the best way to plot the data on the chart.

You can move a chart to any location on a worksheet by dragging it. You can also change the size of the chart for a better fit. By using a chart's context menu you can easily change the main chart characteristics (such as the chart type, underlying data, layout, styles, and etc.).

In this demo, two charts - of the pie and bar types - are created to visualize information presented in the tables.

<dx:BootstrapSpreadsheet runat="server" ActiveTabIndex="1" ShowConfirmOnLosingChanges="false">
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