Worksheet Display Area

The Bootstrap Spreadsheet enables you to programmatically specify the worksheet area that is visible in the Spreadsheet and that allows end-user input.

Use the SetSize method available through the WorksheetDisplayArea property to limit the maximum number of rows and columns to be displayed in a specific sheet. This restricts end-users from accessing worksheet cells through a control's UI. This restriction, however, is not in effect for programmatic cell manipulation so you can change the content and format of each worksheet cell in code.

<dx:BootstrapSpreadsheet ID="SpreadsheetDisplayArea" runat="server" ShowConfirmOnLosingChanges="false"
protected void SpreadsheetWorksheetDisplayArea_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    SpreadsheetDisplayArea.WorksheetDisplayArea.SetSize(0, 6, 20);
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