Formulas are one of the most commonly used features of spreadsheets. With the Bootstrap Spreadsheet, you can easily insert and calculate formulas in a manner similar to Microsoft Excel.

A formula is a string expression that begins with an equal (=) sign. It can contain constants, operators, cell references, functions and names.

The Bootstrap Spreadsheet's built-in functions cover a wide range of categories - from basic mathematical operations such as simple addition and subtraction, to complex engineering and statistical calculations. This can meet even the most demanding requirements. The function categories provided include:

  • Financial
  • Statistical
  • Engineering
  • Logical
  • Text
  • Date & Time
  • Lookup & Reference
  • Math & Trig
  • Informational

The built-in functions are listed within an Excel-like Formulas tab in the Spreadsheet's automatically generated ribbon. In this tab, functions are divided into groups for easy access.

A formula can contain references to other cells or cell ranges within the same or different worksheets. The following references are supported:

  • Relative, Absolute and Mixed References
  • Cross-Worksheet References
  • 3D References
  • Structured References
  • External References

Note: The Formula AutoComplete feature makes it easier to create and edit formulas and minimizes typing and syntax errors. After typing an equal sign (=) and beginning letters into a cell, a dynamic drop-down list of valid functions that match the letters is displayed below the cell. For a function selected within the list, a text tooltip with function information is displayed. This helps choosing the right function. To insert the selected item into the formula and put the insertion point directly after it, press Tab or double-click the item.

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