Floating Objects

To help you replicate the Microsoft Word user experience, the Bootstrap Rich Text Editor ships with the floating object support. The Rich Text Editor allows users to freely position, scale and rotate all floating objects when inserting pictures or text boxes into a document. End-users can also modify object characteristics using context menu items, a specific ribbon context tab, or activate the built-in Layout dialog through the context menu. Give the demo a try and see how easy it is to drag and resize an object using its outline, and rotate it by using its rotate handle.

The Rich Text Editor provides a specific client API allowing you to manipulate floating objects programmatically. In code, you can call client commands available through the commands client property to insert text boxes (insertFloatingTextBoxCommand), change inline pictures into floating pictures, change different floating object settings, and invoke the Layout dialog (openLayoutOptionsDialogCommand).

<dx:BootstrapRichEdit runat="server" ActiveTabIndex="0" ShowConfirmOnLosingChanges="false">
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