Worksheet Protection

The Bootstrap Spreadsheet control supports workbook and worksheet element protection defined within a document. If the document contains protected elements, Spreadsheet prevents their modification by your end-users.

Note: The Formula Bar that displays focused cell content allows end-users to view formulas contained within the protected cells.

In this demo, the Spreadsheet opens a document with the applied worksheet password protection that prevents modification of certain cells. In particular, you can modify only cells belonging to rows from 6 to 22 and columns from D to J - these cells are colored with different shades of green. Using Spreadsheet API, you can allow or disallow end-users to format, insert, delete, sort, filter or edit areas of the protected worksheet. The Protect and Unprotect methods of a worksheet object are used in the demo for this purpose. According to the defined permissions, the Spreadsheet UI prevents end-users from modifying protected elements - ribbon items and context menu items that relate to customization of these elements are either disabled or not in effect.

From a usability standpoint, document protection allows you to hide data or formulas that might confuse end-users and prevent users from viewing or making changes to such data.

<dx:BootstrapSpreadsheet ClientInstanceName="Spreadsheet" runat="server" ActiveTabIndex="0"
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