Default Radio Button

This example demonstrates the Bootstrap Radio Button control with default settings. The Bootstrap Radio Button editor allows an end-user to perform a single-option selection.

<dx:BootstrapRadioButton runat="server" Text="RadioButton1" GroupName="RadioGroup" Checked="true">
<dx:BootstrapRadioButton runat="server" Text="RadioButton2" GroupName="RadioGroup">


Badges contain supplementary information and can display an icon and/or text. Use the BootstrapRadioButton.Badge property and the corresponding object's settings to configure the badge:

  • Badge.Text - Specifies the text in the badge.
  • Badge.CssClass - Specifies the name of a CSS class applied to the badge element.
<dx:BootstrapRadioButton runat="server" Text="RadioButton1" GroupName="BadgeGroup" Checked="true">
    <Badge Text="Badge" />
<dx:BootstrapRadioButton runat="server" Text="RadioButton2" GroupName="BadgeGroup">
    <Badge Text="Badge" CssClass="badge-primary"/>
<dx:BootstrapRadioButton runat="server" Text="RadioButton3" GroupName="BadgeGroup">
    <Badge Text="Badge" CssClass="badge-danger"/>
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