Grid View - Overview

The DevExpress Bootstrap Grid View is a full-featured tabular data presentation control that renders itself using Bootstrap CSS classes. It fully supports data editing and delivers numerous end-user data shaping features, including facilities for end-user data filtering, grouping and sorting. Both total and group summaries are also available out-of-the box.

Issue Details

Ledger: Inconsistency

Reported by Bert Parkins ( Sunday, June 6, 2004 at at 12:00 AM in Enterprise Accounting System

There are visual inconsistencies in the Ledger vs. other modules. The wrong grid is being used.

The Grid View control allows you to create complex master-detail layouts with unlimited nesting levels. Additionally, the layouts of separate Grid View's visual elements are customizable using templates.

The Grid View has been designed to work with large data sources and supports data binding in server mode. In this mode, the grid only loads the records to be displayed on screen and delegates all data processing to the database server. The Grid View control automatically splits content across multiple pages and a built-in pager enables end-users to navigate through data.

Extensive server-side and client-side APIs cover multiple popular customization scenarios and gives you full control over the grid's behavior and presentation.

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