Sparkline - Overview

DevExpress Bootstrap Sparkline is a server-side wrapper for JavaScript-based DevExtreme Sparkline widget that allow you to use the familiar ASP.NET approach to integrate DevExtreme Sparkline into your web application.

The Bootstrap Sparkline control is a compact chart that contains only one series. A series is a group of related data points. The most important characteristic of a series is its type, which determines a specific visual presentation of data.

Owing to their size, sparklines occupy very little space and can be easily collected in a table or embedded straight in text.

Since sparklines are simple in nature, sparkline series offer few configuration options. The majority of series types, except bar and win-loss, have the LineColor and LineWidth options to customize series' appearance. In turn, bar series have the BarPositiveColor and BarNegativeColor options, and win-loss series have WinColor and LossColor options for the same purpose.

Refer to the DataBinding demo section to learn how to provide the BootstrapSparkline control with data.

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